Small Shop Love July Edition

Social Media … Friend or foe? For me it is definitely a friend. I think for most out there that are chasing their dreams of creating and sharing, it is a major tool. Whether you’re blogging, sharing beautiful photos, or crafting handmade items I think we are all in a agreement … social media is the biggest advertisement out there.

Since being on the Gram I’ve come across some pretty talented people. Which led me to this post. Monthly I’m going to share with you a few small shops I’ve come across, which I feel put their heart and soul in what they create. Their items are eye-catching and you can tell they have been made with love. So let me introduce to you July’s small shop love.

One I want to start off with is Emily Joy & Co. If you follow me on Instagram and you watch my stories or check out my photos you know I am a sucker for a hair accessory . Emily is a stay at home mama raising two girls and has created a shop of handmade felt bows. Down to the packaging it doesn’t feel like you’re getting your order if feels like you are receiving a gift. With her bows she has an assortment of styles as well as a rainbow of colors to choose from. She recently just started making felt hair clips that are by far my new obsession. Berkeley has her bows, Fallyn has her hair ties and this mama has her hair clips.

My next small shop love is Grace Collective. Created by Ashley. From the moment I messaged Ashley I knew I was working with someone who is passionate about their creations. She turned her hobby into a shop and sells the most adorable shirts with creative sayings in beautiful handwriting that she does all on her own. Ashley creates with Intention and I’m sure you’ll find something you love at her shop. Or like me a few things.

Next one that has truly filled my home with such joy is Miss Thistle Shop. She is one I found just scrolling through the Gram one day. Meiska is the talented lady that creates the perfect gift for anyone! Silhouettes! I never knew how much I would love or need this vintage style of decor… until I had both of my girls created! The attention to detail in each of her prints/cutouts is amazing. Not only offering people but homes, as well as pets… when Gabby past I reached out and she made the most beautiful silhouette print to match the girls. I’m beyond excited to continued the tradition, and see the girls growth.

Onward to another Fav mama creator of mine… Emily, owner of Top Knot Bae… this small shop is one that I love and I want everyone to know about it! 90’s trends are back and in full gear… Top Knot Bae offers the cutest fabric in scrunchies as well as hair ties. The quality is so great. This is coming from a gal with a ton of hair!!! Take my word! Some of my favorites… Your A Sunflower & the cheetah print. When she launches new fabrics I do a tiny dance! Haha

All of these shops are ran by Mamas that do it all! Go and show them some love!





Yours Truly


What’s one of your favorite small shops?

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