2019 Summer Bucket List

Well it’s the second week of summer vacation… thanks to snowmeggdon back in February, if you PNW peeps remember. With school getting out so late in June I feel like summers already over. Call me dramatic if you want… but I love having Fallyn at home… The word homeschool gets used quite a bit in our house but my social butterfly would not like that.

Back in the beginning of June I wanted to create a summer 2019 bucket list. It’s July, to be more specific July 4th Happy Independence Day. To kick off this holiday I decided to complete our list. To make it attainable we are keeping it short and sweet. If we created a long list … I would be overwhelmed and want to accomplish it all & be upset if I didn’t that’s just my personality. Speaking of personality I might add take the enneagram test… since I see everybody else posting their numbers I’m curious. So here it is our 2019 summer bucket list.

  • Attend three local events
  • Read aloud two chapter books to the girls… we are currently reading Framed…by James Ponti
  • Try three new recipes
  • Spend time with family at the beach
  • Go kayaking and paddle boarding
  • Make a photo book
  • Make friendship bracelets
  • Take a trip out of town
  • Visit my mom for coffee
  • Last but not least I got this idea from one of my favorite Instagram girls @livingincolor Create a sentence a day diary. I started mine about a week ago using the app Day one So far I’m having a lot of fun with it!!! Thanks for the idea girl.

Keeping it simple this summer. I’m so excited to be home with both girls. I see a lot of lazy days in our future but also memorable.

Yours Truly


What’s one thing on your summer bucket list?

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